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This course will give you the knowledge required to work in the dog grooming sector or start your own dog grooming business. You will learn everything from basic dog anatomy to dog grooming and info on business set up. Course pack includes a free dog grooming business plan!!


The level 2 dog grooming course is endorsed by TQUK (Training Qualifications UK) , and has been designed for anyone who wants to learn more about dog grooming as something they are passionate about or to start a career and also for those who want to start their own dog grooming business. Upon enrolment you will receive a detailed study pack with all the knowledge you need including written assignments you need to complete. You will also have a Tutor who will support you and mark your work. The units you will cover are as follows: The History and Evolution of Dogs Dog Anatomy and Physiology Dog Diseases Breeds of Dogs Resources and products The Psychology of Dogs Bathing Dogs Policies and Legislation Risks and how to deal with them Customer service Business plan The course is accessible for 12 months, but most learners complete within 3 months

Entry Requirements

  • Be 16 years and above
  • Have access to a laptop or any system with internet
  • This course is delivered online through our learning portal
  • You will have access to a workbook with info and assignments

Course Delivery

  • The course is delivered online
  • You will have access to a Personal Tutor who will support you

Assessment Method

  • Set of written assignments