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i-Success Academy has a team of professionals who are experienced in working with various businesses across the UK and abroad. As a business, small or large we have a range of services that you can choose from:

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Staff Development and Training

We understand how important it is to make sure that staff are qualified and well equipped for the task ahead of them. If you are looking put your staff through the Assessor, IQA or PTTLS qualification, we have just what you need. We have worked with several organisations in the UK, as well as in Africa and the Middle East. Wherever you are Great Achievers is your best choice for all your staff training and development. Please see below why you should choose us:

  • We offer you bespoke training that is designed for you only, according to the needs and requirements of your staff. During the initial conversation with you, we gather information that will help us design the course in a way that will suit you.
  • Flexible study times. We understand that your staff are working and can be busy at work, we design the training so that it does not clash with your staff working hours, based on what you choose. They can study in their own time and submit their work using our cutting edge Portal anytime and receive feedback in the same way from their Assessor.
  • Flexible delivery. We are one of the leading online training company, but we can also provide classroom based sessions for your organisation. If you prefer for your staff to have classroom based teaching, we can arrange that for you, and we can come to your premises.
  • Flexible start time. Unlike colleges and other training providers, we do not have set start dates, your staff can start anytime you are ready. We enrol learners all year round.
  • Group corporate discount. Organisations can benefit from our group corporate discount if you are enrolling a number of learners on a course from the same company.
  • Our dedicated and professional Assessors will make sure that your staff receive the support they need to complete on their target date that you choose. And we make sure that the company’s Manager receive regular update on the progress of the staff.

Overseas Organisations

If you are abroad do not despair we have a special package for you. You can benefit from the same services listed above, and yes we can also come to you if you prefer for your staff to have classroom based, face to face sessions with their Assessors within a set number of days.

Our professional Assessors are experienced at working with learners across the world and have delivered training and assessment in the Middle East and Africa. We can design the course delivery and assessment based on your needs and the time-frame that you want. We have trained and assessed learners in the Oil and Gas Industry in the Middle East before and everything was done in 10 days!!

Call us now on (+44) 7428 613 940 or send an email to sales@i-successacademy.co.uk , and we will make sure we offer you the best!