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TQUK Level 4 Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice (QCF) develop skills, knowledge and understanding to enable learners to lead a team of internal quality assurers. This qualification is intended for learners wanting to undertake training or to further develop their knowledge and skills in this subject area. The objectives of the qualifications include supporting a role in the workplace and meeting relevant programmes of learning.


This course is approved by TQUK and has been designed for those who want to work within internal quality assurance leading a Team as a Lead IQA. It does not only relate to the training industry, it can be quality assurance within any sector. If you have been looking after the quality of training or have been responsible for making sure employees work according to procedures and practice within your work place, you can transfer your experience and get qualified as a Lead Internal Quality Assurer. With this qualification you can get a job within any company in internal quality assurance or become the Lead Internal Quality Assurer of training centres, which is Internal Moderator/Verifier as we used to call it before. As a Lead IQA you will be qualified to manage a team of IQA, conduct standardisation meetings, Lead in the preparation of EQA visits from the Awarding Body, Plan, allocate and Manage work delegated to other IQA and Assessors and making sure the Internal Quality Assurance of the centre or organisation is up to date and consistently checked and updated as per requirements and policies. (Please note that we only charge for awarding body certificate upon completion. Therefore when you complete you will have a fee of £40 + VAT to pay for your certificate.)

This course is regulated by Ofqual and recognised by Opito and other regulatory bodies across various sectors.

Entry Requirements

  •  Be competent in your field, the subject your want to IQA
  •  IT literate (Internet, Microsoft office)
  •  Able to understand and interpret course materials
  •  Self-motivated and willing to complete and achieve
  •  Good understanding of quality assurance
  •  Be working within an IQA capacity managing a team
  •  Have access to a qualified Lead IQA who can provide an expert witness statement for your observation

Course Delivery

  • The course is delivered online through our cutting edge online portal
  •  Our professionally written course materials will teach and guide you step by step
  •  You will have dedicated Assessor who will provide support and assess your work

Assessment Method

  • You will be assessed through a series of questions to assess your knowledge
  •  Unit 2 and 3 will be assessed through you practically quality assuring assessment and producing the evidence through work products
  •  You will also be observed for unit 2 and 3