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This qualification was formerly known as CTTLS and will enable you to train and assess within your area of competence.
This course is regulated by Ofqual and recognised by Opito and other regulatory bodies across various sectors.


The level 4 Certificate in Education and Training is a qualification designed for those who are currently working in an educational setting and who want to enhance their skills in this field. You may be working part time as a teacher/tutor/lecturer and want to progress your career within this sector. Once qualified you could be working with large groups, assessing vocational courses or even working one to one with learners on an apprenticeship. Therefore, by completing this course, you will be qualified to teach and assess any subject that you have competence in. This is the next level up if you want to progress from the Level 3 Award in Education and Training

(Please note that we only charge for awarding body certificate upon completion. Therefore when you complete you will have a fee of £40 + VAT to pay for your certificate.)

Entry Requirements

  • Be competent in your field, the subject your want to train and assess in
  • Level 2 written and spoken English (Equivalent to GCSE A-C)
  • Basic understanding of education and training
  • IT literate (Internet, Microsoft office)
  • Able to understand and interpret course materials
  • Self-motivated and willing to complete and achieve
  • Have access to people you can assess within the work environment
  • Have a qualified Assessor or IQA who can provide an expert witness of how you assess learners within the work environment
  • Be able to demonstrate a 1 hour teaching session over 3 occasions

Course Delivery

  • The course is delivered online through our cutting edge online portal
  • Our professionally written course materials will teach and guide you step by step
  • You will have a dedicated Tutor who will provide support and assess your work

Assessment Method

  • You will be assessed through a series of questions to assess your knowledge
  • Unit 6 will be assessed through you practically assessing learners in a work environment and producing the evidence through work products
  • You will also be observed delivering teaching sessions